Some of the Most Visited Countries in the World

Tourism is a development sector in which most countries invest a great deal of resources to attract more visitors to their territory. It is with this in mind that competition between nations has led some countries to review their infrastructure and develop their tourist sites. If you are looking for the most visited countries in the world and have no idea how to do this, you need not worry any more. More here.

FranceĀ : the first country most visited in the world

France is the world's most visited nation by tourists. It is thanks to a history of various literary, military and religious figures that France has regained this status of the most visited nation in the world. The country is home to a large number of tourist sites, museums and many others. According to the statistics presented by the national agency of world tourism, France is in the lead with more than 83 million visitors per year. Indeed, if it manages to be in this position today it is thanks to certain infrastructure that is very well known in the world. These include the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral. In addition to these different infrastructure, there is the French gastronomy and its cultural diversity.

The United StatesĀ ; the second country which has mos visit

The USA despite being 15 times larger than France in terms of the area, it remains far behind France with a number of 75 million visitors to its territory every year. If tourists like to go to the United States more than France, it is because this country has the biggest cities in the world, such as New York and Washington. These various cities are rich in amusement parks. There are also world-famous museums and monuments such as the Liberty Museum.