Discover the Basque culture

All countries in the world have built their reputations on their cultures and identities. It is thanks to this culture that all the communities of the world distinguish themselves from each other. This is the case of the Basque region which has been strongly marked by history through its cultures. For those who want to know the components of Basque culture and have no idea how to do it, no need to worry. Discover in this article what Basque culture is made up of.

Basque Dances, First of All

Although Basque culture is characterised by folk dances, this has specific roles in this society. To put it plainly, dances among the Basques are the most effective means by which people show their gratitude and thanks to a person who has done them a favour. These dances are also performed at the most important events such as weddings and many others.

However, it should be noted that there are several types of Basque dances. Among these dances of Basques, we are: the Fandango, which is made up of several mixed rhythms that have their origins in the waltz and the closed and open line dances. No matter which Basque Village you visit, it is possible to attend dance performances.

Basque cultural songs, real Basques liked activities

The Basques are people who strongly love to dance. But you should know that they don't just dance. They are also known for their singing abilities. They are a people who know how to both dance and sing. Most Basques have either the gift of singing or dancing. This is a result of an education that is based primarily on the realities of the community.  Basque songs are mostly heard during cultural events such as weddings and mourning ceremonies. They are also performed at open-air shows.